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We are a passionate Kalamazoo Website designer and Graphic design company operating out of Kalamazoo, MI but serving companies internationally. Our main focus as a Kalamazoo Website designer is on continuous improvement and maximizing customers value by providing superior results over other competitors through logical design, web theory, color theory, business principles and creating each design tailored to clients specifications.
We like to think of ourselves as the Website Design company that will not rest until we offer the absolute best and that is why we have a built in live chat on our website so we can assist you with your questions or needs when you don’t have time to pick up a phone and call. With the new re-design of our website he have now integrated a feedback poll where users can suggest ideas, ask questions and rate other comments of other users. We believe that if we let our clients be heard we will naturally inheret success because ultimately it is the customer we are trying to please through exceptional service and quality.
We realize that to implement continous improvement we must go beyond just what our customers want. We go out and research to see what ways we can add value to our clients. In fact the reason we offer over the phone training consultation and in person training is because we saw that our customers had a demand for a personal experience working with us. Also the ability to do skype to skype chats and screensharing is also an option for training where we can walk you through the whole process of learning how to maintain your website. If you are interested in over the phone consultation or via skype give us a call today and get a quote 269-312-7485.
Give us a call today: 269-312-7485
If you would like to leave us feedback go to the feedback tab at top of webpage and you can leave a comment. Also the blue tab on left hand side of screen allows you to accomplish the same task from any webpage
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